LT&T Systems offers fast and hassle free website maintenance services in Bangalore with AMC Services to making it possible to keep our clients website up to date and professional.

Our website maintenance service is professional, comprehensive which covers most of website support needs. Our website maintenance and support service extends to small business, medium and large organizations with one to multiple websites.

Website annual maintenance contract means that a team of website development professionals with various expert skills will be readily available whenever you need them which is based on the agreed contract terms.

Website Maintenance Services

  • Update of the content of the web pages to match with the current scenario.
  • Optimizing of the updated website with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.,
  • Modifying and expanding the website by increasing the number of pages.
  • New features will be added to the website based on client requirement.
  • Updating the website more user-friendly and attractive by using the latest technology.
  • Website files & data backup Services
  • Monitoring & Security.
  • Website Optimization Services
  • Web Application Optimization Services
  • Community Development & Marketing
  • Website Annual Maintenance Services
  • Web Application Annual Maintenance Services
  • Website enhancement services
  • Web application enhancement services
  • Design and content change requests
  • HTML/CSS changes
  • Fix existing website bugs
  • Manage Website Content (text, images, banners)
  • Text and Image Enhancements
  • Updating News and Events
  • Manage Website Testimonials
  • Update Website Navigation
  • Troubleshoot any Website Issues

Website Maintenance Services Options:

We can take all maintenance activities or parts of the maintenance responsibilities off your shoulders. The following are the various options for maintaining your website:

  • Hourly Charge: If your website needs update very rarely.
  • Maintenance Contract: If your website needs frequent changes.
  • Hire a Developer: You can have a dedicated developer to maintain your website.
  • CMS: Development of a content management system which would enable even non-technical users to update content to your website.